Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Delicious Discovery for March

It will be March in 6 minutes. Here's your genius tip of the month. McDonald's is now serving mint-flavored Shamrock Shakes in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Order one Shamrock Shake and one chocolate shake. Get another cup. Pour half of the Shamrock Shake into the empty cup. Now pour half of the chocolate shake on that. Pour the remaining chocolate half into the original Shamrock Shake. You now have two delicious Andes mint shakes. Thank you, Dustin! You are a genius!

NOTE: You can ask the person at the counter to put half and half in one cup, but they wouldn't do it at the McDonald's I went to today. But it's worth a shot. Also, you get two shakes out of this, so have a freezer or a friend ready.

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