Friday, June 17, 2016

Monthly Mix #16: June 2016

June 2016:
There's only one song on this list older than 2015.  I've been rabidly searching for new music.

1. Joywave - "Destruction"

I love the intro.

2. Robert Ellis - "How I Love You"

Remember when Robert was on the podcast and talked about the new songs he was working on?  Well, his self-titled fourth album came out on the 3rd.

3. Anderson Paak - "Come Down"

Paak's record sounds like if Black Messiah had been mixed properly.  Really digging this. 

4. Beck - "Dreams"

Beck blew me away at Mountain Jam.  This was the song I had the most fun dancing to.

5. Nico Yaryan - "Witch Love"

It takes real talent to write a song like this.  The lyrics are fairly simple, but the way Yaryan sings them sounds so genuine.  What's most notable, however, is how you can hear the Beatles' influence, but unlike most artists' Beatles-inspired numbers, it doesn't just ape their style.

6. Will Joseph Cook - "Girls Like Me"

Discovered on Spotify.  David Byrne vibes.

7. The Invisible - "Save You"

It reminds me of my favorite type of TV on the Radio song.

8. Flo Rida - "My House"

I don't listen to the radio, so I didn't know this was from last year when it came on in my friend's car.  The keyboard that checks in at the one-minute mark is badass.  I have a framed photograph of Flo Rida on my bedside table as a joke, but the joke's getting less funny with every spin of this tune.

9. Frank Turner - "Substitute"

I've been reading Frank's memoir The Road Beneath My Feet, and this is one of my favorite songs.

10. Band of Horses - "Even Still"

The pensive closing track off their new LP, Why Are You OK.

The Next Round - Episode 45: Lissie

As a child, Lissie Maurus struggled to find her place in the Mississippi River town of Rock Island, IL.  Her aspirations of a career in music landed her in Hollywood, where she lived until she moved 90 minutes northwest on a whim to the small town of Ojai, California.  After 11 years in the Golden State, Lissie headed back east, buying a farm in Iowa just a few hours from her childhood home.  Lissie's journey informed her latest album, My Wild West, which marks a departure from her usual heartbreak-inspired pop/rock songs.  Delve into her past and get a sneak "peak" into her future on this episode of The Next Round.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Next Round - Episode 44: Cheerleader

Just prior to their first time playing the late show at Mercury Lounge, Philadelphia haze-poppers Cheerleader joined me in the venue's basement for a drink.  The guys picked their favorite comedy albums to listen to on the road, explained how certain dietary restrictions make it difficult for them to find food on tour, and contemplated the addition of a French horn to their sound.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mountain Jam Saturday Setlists

Recap to come.

SISTER SPARROW & THE DIRTY BIRDS - 06.04.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (56 minutes, 30 seconds)

Don't Be Jealous / Catch Me If You Can / We Need a Love / Stereo* / Mama Knows / Prison Cells > Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes > Prison Cells / Dr. Feelgood / Sugar > Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (tease) / Bad Love

SON LITTLE - 06.04.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (53 minutes)

Intro > Toes / Joy / Go Blue Blood Red / Doctor's In / O Mother / Cross My Heart / Alice / Lay Down / Band Intros > Your Love Will Blow Me Away / The River / Carbon

WARREN HAYNES - 06.04.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (1 hour)

Is It Me or You / Spots of Time / Old Friend / It Hurts Me Too / Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) / Endless Parade / Beautifully Broken / Wanderlust / Patchwork Quilt / To Lay Me Down / One / Railroad Boy


I Need Never Get Old / Look It Here / We've Got the Whole Night to Lose / Howling at Nothing / Wasting Time / Rhodes Intro > I've Been Failing / Shake / Out on the Weekend / I Do It* / Trying So Hard Not to Know / Band Intros > S.O.B. > The Shape I'm In > S.O.B.

BECK - 06.04.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (1 hour, 37 minutes)

Devil's Haircut / Black Tambourine / Loser / Think I'm in Love / Soul of a Man / Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) > Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (tease) > 
Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) / Go It Alone / Mixed Bizness / Sissyneck > Billie Jean > Sissyneck / QuĂ© Onda Guero / Paper Tiger / Modern Guilt / Lost Cause / Blue Moon / Say Goodbye / Raspberry Beret / The New Pollution / Dreams / Girl / Sexx Laws / E-Pro

Where It's At > Strawberry Fields Forever (tease) > Where It's At / Gratitude (tease) / China Girl (tease) / Computer World (tease) > 1999 / Where It's At

Mountain Jam Friday Setlists

Recap to come.

COURTNEY BARNETT - 06.03.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (56 minutes)


Dead Fox / Scotty Says / An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York) / Out of the Woodwork > Small Poppies / Depreston > Three Packs a Day > Pedestrian at Best / Elevator Operator / New Speedway Boogie / Avant Gardener / Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party

TURKUAZ - 06.03.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (1 hour, 2 minutes)


Chatte Lunatique / The Mountain / Percy Thrills, the Moondog / Nightswimming / Tiptoe Through the Crypto / Bubba Slide / Lookin' Tough, Feelin' Good / I Shall Be Released > Monkey Fingers

WILCO - 06.03.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (1 hour, 47 minutes)


More... / Random Name Generator / The Joke Explained / I Am Trying to Break Your Heart > Art of Almost / Pickled Ginger / Hummingbird / Handshake Drugs / Where Do I Begin / Cold Slope > King of You / Via Chicago / Spiders (Kidsmoke) / Unknown Song* / Jesus, Etc. / Box Full of Letters / Heavy Metal Drummer / I'm the Man Who Loves You / Dawned on Me / Impossible Germany / The Late Greats / California Stars (feat. Jason Isbell) / Red-Eyed & Blue / I Got You (at the End of the Century) > Outtasite (Outta Mind)

GOV'T MULE - 06.03.16 - MOUNTAIN JAM (2 hours, 42 minutes)


Sweet Leaf > Yer Blues / Thorazine Shuffle > Funny Little Tragedy / Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)/Rebel Rebel (feat. Nels Cline) > Larger Than Life > Kind of Bird / Captured / Stage Fright > Hunger Strike > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Hunger Strike / Painted Silver Light / Frozen Fear > D'yer Mak'er > Mule > What is Hip? (feat. the Marcus King Band) / Hope She'll Be Happier / Game Face > I'm a Ram



Vinnie Caruana Saint Vitus Setlist

Review to come.

SPIRIT HOUSES - 06.08.16 - SAINT VITUS (25 minutes)

Comatose / Will You Wait for Me* / Currituck Sound / Kentucky Death / Hole in the Earth / That Ship Has Sailed / Holy Eraser

BRANDON REILLY - 06.08.16 - SAINT VITUS (36 minutes)

The Days Go by Oh So Slow / Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf / Ode to Serotonin / Marry Me / Up the Junction / Heaven Runs on Oil / Thumbelina / Why Am I Always Right? / I Want to Be Buried in Your Backyard

VINNIE CARUANA - 06.08.16 - SAINT VITUS (49 minutes)

Burn It Down / We Don't Have to Die Alone / Angel of the North / Somehow the World Keeps Turning / Boy, You're in Heaven / Hey / Heavy Weighs the Summer / I Don't Believe You / To Be Dead & in Love / Brooklyn Dodgers / Your Religion is Killing Me / This One's on Me

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Marjorleans Knitting Factory Brooklyn Setlist

Review to come.

THE MAJORLEANS - 06.01.16 - KNITTING FACTORY BROOKLYN (41 minutes, 30 seconds)

Give It All to Me / Mr. Magic / Set to Receive / Never Had Enough / Under the Spell / Sunrise Mary / Real Bad / What I Mean / Tattoo


Over Now / Waterline / Keep It Moving / Shake You Out / Heartland > Arizona / Late Riser / Soon / Leave Without You

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Next Round - Episode 43: Brian Bonz

There's no such thing as June Fools Day, so this isn't a prank.  The Next Round returns after a lengthy hiatus with a brand new episode featuring Brian Bonz!  Listen as this native Brooklynite shares his stories of kebab-induced food poisoning, falling off the stage at Hoboken's legendary former venue Maxwell's, and recording his latest album Misophonia amongst the forklifts of Sunset Park.

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Oh, and here's the sunrise from this morning…