Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monthly Mix #3: May 2015

May 2015:
Not as many new songs on this one as I'd like, but maybe May is a nostalgic month for me?

1. Tall Tall Trees - "Picture Picture"
Somehow Mike Savino managed to make internet-stalking endearing.

2. Young Buffalo - "Sykia"
The boys totally rocked this one at their Bowery Ballroom show.

3. Kool & the Gang - "Get Down on It"
I remember how jazzed I would be when this song would come on my mom's car radio on the local classic R&B station.  I still get excited for it.

4. Alice Cooper - "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
This song has become a staple in the edit room at work.

5. Oscar Isaac feat. Marcus Mumford - "Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)"
I just watched Inside Llewyn Davis for the first time.  I wasn't in love with the film, but I think Isaac's voice is pretty great.

6. Brokedown in Bakersfield - "Squeaky Wheel"
This full-band treatment on Tim Bluhm's song is so damn good.  The back-and-forth parts between him and Nicki are super-cute.

7. Heart - "Magic Man"
Heart rocks a lot harder than you remember.

8. Sublime - "Greatest-Hits"
This is probably my favorite Sublime song, and I just revisited Robbin' the Hood for the first time in years.

9. Robert Ellis - "Good Intentions"
Had a nice little chat recently with Robert on The Next Round.

10. Kurt Vile - "Wakin on a Pretty Day"
When I saw Kishi Bashi (and Tall Tall Trees) at Le Poisson Rouge this month, this song played over the PA before the show.

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