Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monthly Mix #21: November 2016

November 2016:
The end might be near.  At least we have music.

1. Leonard Cohen - "You Want It Darker"
Another legend gone.  Fortunately, he took Bowie's cue and released one dark-ass final record right before he passed.

2. Mayer Hawthorne - "Time for Love"
Mayer Hawthorne returns to form on this track off his Party of One EP.

3. The Panics - "Passenger Side"
This Australian band has been around since 2002, but this is my first time hearing them.  I've got some homework to do.

4. Honus Honus - "Heavy Jesus"
Man Man's frontman goes solo.

5. A Tribe Called Quest - "Movin Backwards"
A lot of people have been singing the praises of the new Tribe album.  I dig it, but I'm not blown away.  Three guesses who's featured on this track, hehe.

6. Busman's Holiday - "What We Need We Know"
For their sophomore album, the Rogers brothers did something very non-sophomoric: they added a 21-piece orchestra.  This is the powerful result.

7. D.D Dumbo - "Cortisol"
It was hard to narrow it down to one song from Utopia Defeated, Oliver Perry's first full-length, because I really love the instrumentation and production, but this frenetic track won out.

8. Hayley Kiyoko - "One Bad Night"
Yes, this is a pop song, and yes, I like it.

9. Dawes - "Roll with the Punches"
That organ though.

10. Harry Belafonte - "Jump in the Line"
It's been a shitty month, a shitty year even.  There's a reason this song is at the end of Beetlejuice.  It's too hard not to dance and sing along.  Stay positive.  Never lose hope.

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