Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Next Round - Episode 24: Speak

For this week's show, I sat down with Nick Hurt and Joey Delahoussaye, who play guitar and bass in the synthpop quartet, Speak.  The band recently released their three-years-in-the-making second record, Pedals, taking control of the writing/mixing/mastering duties and more.  Hailing from Austin, the guys admitted there's a bit of an expectation to be good live, but as anyone who saw them perform at Rough Trade or Firefly Festival can attest, they are quite capable of the task.  As a tie-in to the new album, the band collaborated with Tristan Michael on a computer game for their song "Be Reasonable, Diane," so I had my video game expert roommate review it.

Subscribe on iTunes if you're awesome, download directly, or stream below:

Visit Speak's website for a free download of "Peaks."
Play the video game.
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