Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Next Round - Episode 54: Elizabeth & the Catapult

Usually I buy the drinks on The Next Round, but when the coffee shop we were supposed to go to was unexpectedly closed, Elizabeth Ziman improvised (She is a musician.) and invited me into her apartment for tea. We had a great talk, starting with her childhood in the Village and ending with the release of her fantastic fourth record, Keepsake, an album so good, you'd never guess it was the result of mashing up old journal entries with NyQuil-influenced fever dreams.

Stream below, download directly, or subscribe on iTunes (and rate it 5 stars).

Elizabeth is on tour now. Check here for dates.
Read my review of her release show.
Buy Keepsake on vinyl/CD/digital.

Listen to "Ambrosia" and a song from every guest on The Next Round Companion Playlist.


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