Thursday, June 18, 2009

Emily Haines is Sexy. (Part 2)

I saw Metric last night at Terminal 5.  I have a new favorite frontperson and her name is Emily Haines.  Back in January, I downloaded the audio of Metric's Live at Metropolis DVD without having seen the video.  Just listening to it, I could hear in Emily's voice how much fun she was having.  I decided I had to see them, and last night, the time finally came.  The sub-par sound of the venue couldn't stop Haines from ripping it up.  She bounced around the stage like a caffeinated kangaroo, headbanged as she rocked out the keyboard, did some semi-choreographed moves with a tambourine, and sang her fucking heart out.  The show was a brief 1 hour and 23 minutes, but if it went any longer, Emily probably wouldn't have survived.  That's how much she puts into her performance.  And did I mention she's hot too?
The set was heavy on tracks from their latest album, Fantasies.  While every song was great, the highlight for me was probably "Stadium Love."  The song closes Fantasies, and its lyrics have always puzzled me.  Emily prefaced the song with an explanation of a post-apocalyptic dream she had in which the earth's animals were forced to do battle with each other, while the humans watched and feasted on giant cheeseburgers.  The only way to make everything better was with massive amounts of love, enough to fill a stadium.  Puzzle solved.
The encore ended with a slowed-down, stripped-down version of "Live It Out," which you can watch here.

METRIC – 06.17.09 – TERMINAL 5


Twilight Galaxy / Help I’m Alive / Satellite Mind / Handshakes / Gold Guns Girls / Gimme Sympathy / Sick Muse / Empty / Front Row / Dead Disco / Stadium Love


Monster Hospital / Live It Out

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