Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outsourcing is a Beautiful Thing, Especially Now!

I hope you get sarcasm.  I don't like to complain about things.  I'd rather think positively all the time.  Which is why I'm not going to elaborate on why you should never use Expedia.  Just don't.  Trust me.

The rest of this is not directly about Expedia, but it is their fault that it has gotten to this.  Long story short: I was told something else, and then I was charged more for my car rental.  I contacted the rental company because Expedia is a fucking useless bunch of thieves and liars.

My email:

I rented a car from Payless from May 19-May 26.  I wanted to check out the car at 8pm on the 19th and return it by 8pm on the 26th.  I was told by the associate (Rebecca) that because I arrived at 5:23 on the 19th, my rental would be for a week from that time.  I was in LA for business and explained that if I had to return the car at 5:23 on the 26th, I would miss a meeting and be at the airport for 4 hours before my flight left.  She told me I could not change my check-out time.

I called Expedia on May 20th and spoke to a representative named Victor.  He called Payless and spoke with a woman named Angelina at the Las Vegas location.  She advised him that I would be refunded fully for my collision coverage ($70.29) and for any extra time I had the car on the 26th, due to the check-out issue.

I returned the car to Payless on May 26 at 6:54pm, resulting in an hour's extra charge with all applicable fees.  I was refunded $40.23, but not for the overdue time that I was told I would be reimbursed for.  I need to have $29.86 (the total for an extra hour and fees) refunded to my credit card for this mistake.  Thank you.

- Dustin Sherman

Response email:

Dear Sherman

Could you please what was the check out issues you had over here? and Also Victor Expedia provided you with the wrong information if you had an issue with Los angeles Location They cannot call Las vegas location, for the late charge i will go ahead and wave that for you because of this inconvenience, which it was total of $19.77



Wow.  Engrish much?  Why is that our country outsources all its customer service departments?  It would seem like dealing with customers is something you'd want done right, considering hmmn, I don't know, the customer is always right.

Maybe it's racist of me to assume that Muneer is in the Philippines or something.  Maybe he's in Los Angeles.  I've never been anti-immigration.  Hey, stupid white people, where would you be without it?

Maybe he was even raised in the USA and was educated in the public school system.  The point is that this guy does not know proper English.  Now, I know in my original email, I ended a sentence with a preposition and could've used a few more commas, but look at Muneer's response comparatively.  Two sentences, one of which doesn't end, that don't make sense, in an effort to get across four sentences of information.  Not to mention that he called me Sherman.

I just wonder how anyone can think we're the greatest country in the world when our default thing to do when something goes wrong is to call someone in another fucking country!  Meanwhile, jobs are being cut left and right because they seem unnecessary.  Well, here's some free advice: Quality customer service representatives, who are fluent in English, are needed.  I don't know anyone who would disagree.

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  1. Customer service everywhere sucks. Can I start calling you Sherman?