Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

It sucks that there was an earthquake in Haiti. It also sucks that people write stupid fucking articles like this in The New York Times.

Quake Ignores Class Divisions of a Poor Land

Published: January 16, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Marie Garmell Neptune, cradling one of her children and holding the hand of another, had lost everything. But as she boarded an American military cargo plane for Miami on Saturday with just the clothes on her back, she was one of the lucky ones.

“Since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve had a big house,” said Ms. Garmell, who works at a bank. “I’ve never known what starving is. Now look at us. This is a dream, a very bad dream for me.”

Earthquakes do not respect social customs. They do not coddle the rich. They know nothing about the invisible lines that in Haiti keep the poor masses packed together in crowded slums and the well-to-do high up in the breezy hills of places like PĂ©tionville.

Read the rest of the shitty article here if you want.

Earthquakes don't respect social customs or coddle the rich? Thanks for enlightening me. I'd expect such journalism from a middle school newspaper, but not the fucking New York Times. And it took two writers to do this story!?! And we all wonder why newspapers are going under and journalists are being laid off?

The sad thing is I almost want to give them a little credit because the article is longer than 140 characters.

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