Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hollywood Sign

There is a chance that Cahuenga Peak, the land surrounding the Hollywood sign, could become developed as was once its intent. If another $5 million isn't raised by April, this could become a reality. The issue is that the sign has become a symbol of Los Angeles, likened to New York's Statue of Liberty, Paris' Eiffel Tower, and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. While it is sad that essentially a billboard is equated to the previous structures, it is true. The sign is a protected landmark and will remain, but filling the hill around it with mansions will definitely hurt its iconic appearance. But am I concerned? No. In fact, I'm wondering why one rich fucking actor doesn't donate the remaining $5 million. Shit, get ten rich actors to split the cost. No doubt this money could be better served to assist Haiti or help with the national debt, but if that land is sold so rich motherfuckers can live in mansions on the hill, I will believe the rumors that this town has no soul... and leave.

Here's The New York Times article 'cause for some reason, the Los Angeles Times article sucked.

Here's an interesting site with the history of the Hollywood sign.

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