Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Monthly Mix #6: August 2015

August 2015:
The most summery of months gets the most summery of mixes.

1. John Brown's Body - "Picking Up"
This came up on my brother's iPod while we were on the beach at Assateague.

2. The Thrills - "Don't Steal Our Sun"
I don't want summer to end.

3. The White Buffalo - "Go the Distance"
Probably the only love song you'll hear with the word "peckerwood" in it.

4. Warren G feat. Young Jeezy, Bun B, & Nate Dogg - "Keep on Hustlin'"
Relivin' that G-funk era with some new music.

5. Mayer Hawthorne - "No Strings"
Actually, I usually listen to this one in the winter, but it sounds just as good in the sunshine.

6. Van Damsel - "The Sunshine, Girl"
I got this song for free on Noisetrade a few years ago, and its pop shine has yet to tarnish.

7. Lord Huron - "Cursed"
The whole album is fantastic.  It was hard to narrow it down to one.

8. Grace Potter - "Your Girl"
This should give you an idea of why Grace had to go solo.  This ain't a Nocturnals track.

9. Delta Spirit - "Tellin' the Mind"
BBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEE! I always want Delta Spirit to play this live.

10. Frank Turner - "Silent Key (Acoustic)"
I haven't made up my mind about the new FT album yet, but it sounds a little over-produced to me.  Here's an acoustic version from the Deluxe Edition, so you can focus on Frank's voice.

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