Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monthly Mix #9: November 2015

November 2015:
It hasn't really gotten cold yet, so this could really be played in any season.

1. The Weepies - "Early Morning Riser"
This is what the Bell Brigade's last album should've sounded like.

2. Foo Fighters - "Saint Cecilia"
It was nice of the Foo Fighters to release a free EP last week.  It was even nicer of them to make it better than Sonic Highways.

3. Trey Anastasio - "In Rounds"
Funky, horny fun from Phish's axman.

4. Diamond Rugs - "Couldn't Help It"
I agree with the guy at the Partisan Records booth at a record fair I went to that their first album is superior.  But I couldn't help but like this track.

5. Band of Horses - "No One's Gonna Love You"
I thought the Horses were supposed to have dropped another record by now, but that hasn't happened.  So I'll tide you over with one of my favorite songs ever.

6. Electric Light Orchestra - "One Step at a Time"
ELO have a new album out and I got to see them live!

7. My Morning Jacket - "Believe (Nobody Knows)"
The Waterfall was a bit of a letdown as a whole, but this first song is a good one.

8. Edelweiss - "Withering Heights (Island Remix)"
The Pennsylvania band you may remember from my podcast released a compilation of their first two EPs with a couple new remixes.  Here's one.

9. Eagles - "Life in the Fast Lane"
The girl I'm dating is a big Eagles fan, so I'm exploring their catalogue.

10. Lettuce - "Trillogy"
You'd eat more salad if all lettuce was this good.  I saw them play it live too.

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