Tuesday, April 14, 2009

50 Albums You Didn't Hear Before You Were Brutally Raped & Murdered (21-30)

21. Page France - Hello, Dear Wind

Why You Didn't Hear It: You mistook them for Sage Francis.

Why You Should've: This is the best non-Elephant 6 Elephant 6-sounding record out there.

22. Hotel Lights - Hotel Lights

Why You Didn't Hear It: You figured when Ben Folds Five broke up, the other guys just got jobs at Taco Bell.

Why You Should've: Darren Jessee, BFF's drummer, fronts this mellow outfit and writes some lovely tunes.

Why You Didn't Hear It: You don't listen to bands from France, even if they sing in English.

Why You Should've: They're getting ready to be really big, and this album is their best.

24. Kyte - Kyte

Why You Didn't Hear It: It's relatively new.

Why You Should've: They blend shoegaze and electronica into a soothing collection of songs.

Why You Didn't Hear It: You knew the one guy in the Postal Service, but not this one.

Why You Should've: "(This is) the Dream of Evan & Chan" was the synthesis of the Postal Service, and the other songs are great too.

26. Frank Turner - Love, Ire, & Song

Why You Didn't Hear It: It never even crossed your mind that folk-rock from an ex-hardcore British punk could be any good.

Why You Should've: "Substitute" has some of the best lyrics I've ever heard, and it's not even my favorite song on the album.

27. Sound Team - Movie Monster

Why You Didn't Hear It: Pitchfork was your Bible, and you went to Hell for it.

Why You Should've: Fuck Pitchfork.  This is some of the best anthemic indie rock ever recorded.

28. Jason Darling - Night Like My Head

Why You Didn't Hear It: You didn't visit used record stores.

Why You Should've: Darling was folktronica before it was cool.

29. Nightmare of You - Nightmare of You

Why You Didn't Hear It: You heard they were emo.

Why You Should've: They're not.  Throw the Jam and the Smiths into a blender, and you've got a band better than both of them.

30. Styrofoam - Nothing's Lost

Why You Didn't Hear It: You claimed you didn't like electronic music because it was too glitchy.

Why You Should've: Sure, it's glitchy, but it has songs and not just soundscapes.  Bonus points for hottie on the cover. 

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