Monday, April 13, 2009

Hell Isn't Even That Funny

I am going to be incredibly cool right now.  How dare me include on my list Chris Glover's Hell Isn't Even That Funny, an album that was never officially released.  So I'm going to provide a link to download it.  The catch?  There's always a catch.  You have to make the same promise I did to Chris.  If you dig this one (and you will), you must purchase his next one.  I'd say that's fair.  He's currently recording under the name Penguin Prison.


  1. Ok, so i've been looking for this album for years. I'm still pissed he never sent me a copy ( i begged him for years on myspace). So i have to ask, you still have this album? Dylan (

  2. Nevermind. Actually found a copy on Amazon. Sweet.