Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lil Wayne Sucks

The cover story for Rolling Stone this week was on Lil Wayne.  Because I don't listen to the radio or watch MTV, I'm fairly unfamiliar with Weezy, but I read the article 'cause I'm not reading a book at the moment.  Wayne claims he's the "talentedest nigga ever," and while I've only ever listened to one of his songs all the way through, I would disagree.  If I had to give out a Talentedest Nigga Ever Award, I'd probably give it to Booker T. Washington.  Not only was he a guiding force at Tuskegee; he made some fabulous records with the MG's.

In searching for a clip of Lil Wayne performing in a high school production of The Wiz on YouTube, I could not find it, but did find what appears to be a common sub-genre on the site: The "Lil Wayne Sucks" Video.  Apparently a lot of people like to turn on their webcam for up to ten minutes and just start talking shit about Lil Wayne.  So I spent my Easter checking out some of them:

Lil Wayne Is GARBAGE!!! by TrueTalkTV
Gist: Guy knew what he wanted to get across and keeps it brief, but the example he gives of a good rapper (his cousin) isn't any good.
Made it to: 2:02/2:22
Watched: 86%
Views: 20,995

Lil Wayne Sucks by Newpalproductions

Gist: Somebody behind the camera thinks this guy is funny, but not me.
Made it to: 1:41/3:32
Watched: 48%
Views: 161,261

Lil Wayne Sucks Nuts by SquirtlesDad

Gist: He put some time into this one, but that doesn't make it good.  He did make me laugh when he said, "It's pretty old, but ain't growin' hairs."
Made it to: 3:49/5:28
Watched: 70%
Views: 56,844

Lil Wayne Sucks by doggierind

Gist: No one knows where Queequeg or wherever the hell you live is, so we don't care.  What's even worse is this guy is attractive.  He should be out getting some, not making ten-minute-long webcam videos about Lil Wayne.
Made it to: 2:41/9:46
Watched: 27%
Views: 6,850

Lil Wayne Sucks! by Delroy1405

Gist: Delroy is too emotional about it and seems unprepared.
Made it to: 1:05/4:59
Watched: 22%
Views: 1,590

Lil' Wayne by MattLFJr

Gist: Turns out it wasn't a "Lil Wayne Sucks" vid, but I enjoyed everything except for the Lil Wayne part.
Made it to: 1:02/1:02
Watched: 100%
Views: 142

HQ Biscuits! by MattLFJr

Gist: Not Lil Wayne, but this kid cracks me up.
Made it to: 1:06/1:06
Watched: 100%
Views: 193

iMatt by MattLFJr

Gist: "The camera loves you."
Made it to: 1:04/1:04
Watched: 100%
Views: 51

Verdict: Lil Wayne sucks.  "Lil Wayne Sucks" videos suck.  Matt rocks.  See all his videos here.

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  1. That kid entertained me.

    Didn't watch any of the Lil Wayne ones though; figured if you couldn't make it through them, I shouldn't try.