Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 15 Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

15. The John Butler Trio - Flesh & Blood
Release Date: February 4
Why I'm Excited: It's been four years since April Uprising.  Even the undead are excited!

14. Robert Ellis - The Lights of the Chemical Plant
Release Date: February 11
Why I'm Excited: Ellis shared in a Rolling Stone interview that the new record would move beyond his country/folk roots... into R&B, bossa nova, and free jazz.

13. Chris Mills & the Distant Stars - Alexandria 
Release Date: January 21
Why I'm Excited: Mills played most of the tunes when he opened for Ken Stringfellow last February.  I've been waiting a year to hear them again!

12. Peter Salett - Suite for the Summer Rain
Release Date: TBA
Why I'm Excited: Peter's back in New York, and he's convinced this is his best work yet.

11. Splashh - TBA

Release Date: TBA
Why I'm Excited: Comfort was good, but it was really a compilation of singles recorded in a bedroom.  This time they're gonna stop using socks for mic windscreens, and record a  proper album in a professional studio. 

10. The Notwist - Close to the Glass
Release Date: February 25
Why I'm Excited: It's the 25th year as a band for the German electro-rockers.  Check out the title track below.

9. Mad Caddies - TBA
Release Date: TBA
Why I'm Excited: My favorite third-wave ska band is finally back in the studio.

8. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - Give the People What They Want
Release Date: January 14
Why I'm Excited: The record was supposed to come out last year, but Sharon was diagnosed with cancer.  She's since kicked cancer's ass, and I'm ready to shake mine.

7. The Majorleans - Black Belt
Release Date: February
Why I'm Excited: I've heard early mixes of a few of the songs, and they rock.  Nicky Francis' talkin' blues voice makes the passing of Lou Reed easier to cope with.

6. Jack White - TBA
Release Date: TBA
Why I'm Excited: Blunderbuss turned me over to the White side.  I'm hoping he follows through.  Also, I'm a Third Man Vault member, so I'll probably end up with some super-cool edition.

5. Rx Bandits - TBA
Release Date: TBA
Why I'm Excited: They'd been on hiatus since 2011 until the 10th anniversary of The Resignation got them touring again.  Matt Embree's announcement that they were recording demos in late December was quite the Christmas present.

4. I Am the Avalanche - Wolverines
Release Date: March 18
Why I'm Excited: It's the last album with all the founding members, as Mike and Kellen are saying goodbye.  Their previous, Avalanche United, was scarily good.

3. Kishi Bashi - TBA
Release Date: Spring
Why I'm Excited: When I saw him perform at Irving Plaza in September, K admitted he'd already re-recorded lead-off single "Philosophize in It! Chemicalize with It!"  There's also a song on it about a dancing steak.

2. The Belle Brigade - Just Because
Release Date: February 11
Why I'm Excited: John Williams' grandkids team up again for their first LP since their eponymous debut, which was my favorite of 2011.  Download "Ashes" below.

1. Penguin Prison - TBA
Release Date: TBA
Why I'm Excited: You never know exactly what you're gonna get from Chris Glover, but you always know it's gonna be good.  If the new number he played at the Wall is any indication of what's to come, buy some new dancing shoes this year too.

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