Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jesse Harris Record Release Party

Last night at the East Village's number one Brazilian record store, Tropicalia in Furs, Jesse Harris treated 25-30 fans to a very intimate performance of selections from his new album, Sub Rosa.  Harris, probably best known for his Grammy-winning songwriting on Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why," has been releasing solo albums since 1995.  His latest is a largely acoustic affair with European flourishes, reminiscent of Josh Rouse's most recent work.  It's a nice Sunday afternoon record, or innocuous enough to be a dinner soundtrack, though I anticipate the album revealing more depth with repeat spins.  The album was co-produced by drummer Bill Dobrow, who I've seen perform with Peter Salett.  Miss Jones finds her way onto three of the 14 tracks.

Crowded into the tiny storefront, it was very hot, and visibility was limited, with Dobrow and supporting band members taking places on the floor.  The unplugged performance sounded great in the small room, the notes bouncing off walls covered in photographs of people with their record collections.  But what struck me most was how completely humble Jesse was, personally walking around a tray of cookies before the show.  "Tant Pis" was introduced, "This song is in French, so if you speak French, I'm sorry," furthering Harris' humility.

Jesse plays an amplified set tonight at Rockwood Music Hall.

JESSE HARRIS – 07.29.12 – TROPICALIA IN FURS (24 minutes)

Waltz of the Rain / I Won’t Wait / It’s Been Goin’ Round / Sad Blues / Tant Pis / Rocking Chairs / I Know It Won’t Be Long

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