Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beat Radio Bushwick Show Gets Cut Short

"I'm breaking out keyboard and the sampler tonight for my solo set at Brooklyn Fireproof.  Things might get weird."  Or so read Beat Radio's Twitter at 3:58 Friday afternoon.  At 8:30, just sitting down to my dinner, I saw the post on their Facebook: "Set time was moved up to 10pm!"  I scarfed down my salad, and began the hour-long commute to Bushwick.  It turned out the venue had double-booked, forcing the four acts on the first show to cram their sets into half the time.  It was understandable that Brian Sendrowitz didn't want to spend half of his allotment rigging up electronics, so he opted for an amplified acoustic guitar.  Three songs in, he asked, "Do I have time for one more?"  God, I hoped so.  Though his performance lasted barely 18 minutes, it was nice to get to hear some older tunes like "Sunday Matinee" and "Treetops," even if the latter was at a faster tempo, likely sped up to preserve time.
Bushwick may be a blossoming neighborhood due to its affordable rents, but no one who doesn't already live there wants to go.  The transportation options are too limited to make it accessible to anyone not living along the L or the brown line.  While there is a certain thrill to the DIY attitude of the venues, it rarely outweighs the fact that almost every show that I've been to in the area has been sparsely attended.  I guess that's the irony the hipsters have been searching for.

BEAT RADIO - 07.19.13 - BROOKLYN FIREPROOF (17 minutes, 45 seconds)

Sunday Matinee / Chasing a Phantom / Treetops / Golden Age / Hurricanes, XO

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