Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doug Loves Movies: Tig Notaro Loses the Game, But Wins the Crowd

Doug Benson brought his popular podcast Doug Loves Movies to New York's Gramercy Theatre tonight.  The last time he held DLM at the theatre in August, it was a sausagefest, but tonight's show was a total clambake.  Comediennes Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser, Sarah Silverman, and Tig Notaro joined Doug for an almost two-hour show that included games "Build a Title," "How Much Did This Shit Make," and of course, "The Leonard Maltin Game."

I won't give away the winner, but I will say that this is a must-download when it plops. While her infrequent movie-watching usually makes her a hit-or-miss guest, Tig Notaro was on fire during the show.  After being chided by Doug for not talking enough, Tig began interjecting everyone, adding her dry bits of ignorance at just the right moments to make comedy gold.  When she failed to remember the punchline of a Todd Barry joke, Doug, Sarah, and herself all called Todd's phone simultaneously.  Receiving his voicemail, Tig proceeded to leave a continuous message from each person's phone.  The nametag of the audience member she picked to play for was a Han Solo doll, which she configured to hold her mic cable, swing from it, and drop into a bag of Chipotle chips that served as another nametag.  Sadly, listeners at home won't be able to hear the subtle, nonverbal interplay between her and Silverman, but at least her quest to have the bartenders make her an egg nog will be audible.  

You can download the episode here, and be sure to buy Tig's new album Live (pronounced like the verb), currently being sold for $5 via Louis CK's website. I'm going to right after I post this.

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  1. Sarah Silverman and Tig Notaro have no talent. Their whole careers are built on PR machines and having sex with those who can get them ahead. no pun intended. Tig is now all cured and healthy as a horse. No need to pity her any longer.