Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daytrotter a Day #32: Jared & the Mill

Daytrotter a Day #32: Jared & the Mill (Released 04.02.14)

Do you like Mumford & Sons?  I enjoyed "Little Lion Man" the first few times I listened to it.  Then I heard their album.  Every song followed the exact same structure, building to that final shouting crescendo.  I can only assume that's why everyone jizzes over their live show.  Jared & the Mill sound like a M&S knockoff, even cribbing a bit of the accent, despite hailing from Tempe, AZ.  They're not horrible lyricists, so it's a little disappointing to hear their words set to the aped arrangements.  The band is obviously at their best on "Confessions of an Outlaw" when they trade the Mumford sound for a twangy alt-country growl.

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