Friday, April 25, 2014

Daytrotter a Day #47: Arlo Aldo

Daytrotter a Day #47: Arlo Aldo (Released 04.17.14)

On "Highway," Pittsburgh's Arlo Aldo create a strange, dark country mood with David Manchester's deep voice, some not-particularly-accomplished guitar-playing, and eerie organ tones.  "House & Home" is slightly brighter, but David's baritone is still at the forefront.  It feels like he's leading the backing female vocalists wherever he wants them to go.  I'm not saying this band is a cult or out to commit mass-murder, but I get a Charles Manson vibe from them.  Hey, Manson did write "Look at Your Game, Girl."  I'm not really into it, but I'll give them credit for being unique.

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