Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Daytrotter a Day #38: The Pizza Underground

Daytrotter a Day #38: The Pizza Underground (Released 04.08.14)

I like the Velvet Underground.  I like pizza even more.  But two good things does not a great thing make.  As their name suggests, the Pizza Underground is a VU cover band that only sings about pizza.  "Sticking to You" is obviously about cheese and "Pizza Hours" is about keeping the pizza box closed.  By the second song, the concept is thinner than a New York slice.  What makes "Weird Al" Yankovic such a talented parody songwriter is that he lampoons a variety of topics.  He knew that after "My Bologna," he didn't need to get right to work on a follow-up about the same processed meat.  So the Pizza Underground end up confined to lyrics about crust, toppings, sauce, cheese, and temperature.  The most inspired pun resides in their parody of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" with the line: "You just keep the oven on."  Oh, and Macaulay Culkin is in the band, inevitable proof that it's all gone downhill since Richie Rich.

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