Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daytrotter a Day #31: Barnaby

Last April, I embarked on a journey called Daytrotter a Day, where I listened to a Daytrotter session each day of a band I had never heard of.  Some were horrible.  Some were okay.  And some made me go out and buy albums.  So why not do it again?

Daytrotter a Day #31: Barnaby (Released 04.01.14)

"Bored" is a good name for Barnaby's new single.  But I don't think he knows that maybe she got bored because of his generic lyrics.  Or his Justin Vernon impression over gentle electric strums.  Barnaby moves to the piano for "Things We Could Do," where he compares his present relationship to a past one.  Unfortunately, he never explains what ended the first one or the things he could do to make this one last.

Okay, we're off to a shitty start, but things are bound to improve.  Get your Daytrotter membership (with free vinyl!) here.

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