Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #2: Spindrift

I decided on another new release for today.  Join me on the journey, and sign up for Daytrotter now.  Free vinyl!

Daytrotter a Day #2: Spindrift (Released 04.02.13)

The session begins with "Shady Town," which could be the theme of a Bond film... if that film took place in the Wild West.  Sasha Vallely-Certik would have to have a better voice to actually sing in the opening credits, but there's no reason she couldn't do the demo version that would eventually leak and hipsters would like more than the Kelly Rowland one.  "Space Vixens" starts with a member shouting "Space Vixens!" in a high voice much like the Surfaris' "Wipe Out."  It touches on surf rock briefly, but then makes its way into kaleidoscopic funk, similar to the Stepkids. "Red Reflection," a gentler psych track, commences with a flute solo, making you realize how underutilized the flute is in modern music.  The final song, "Hell Bound," is another instrumental that combines the Western and surf rock sounds established previously.  Tarantino fans should delight in this.  Not really for me, but I didn't hate it either.

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