Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #9: Cains & Abels

The following session was one of five that were released today.  Buy an annual Daytrotter membership, and you can have them all!

Daytrotter a Day #9: Cains & Abels (Released 04.09.13)

After a meandering mélange of keys, hi-hat, and electric guitar, the five members of Cains & Abels erupt into a collective coughing fit before announcing, "Welcome to Daytrotter."  It's the liveliest part of their second session.  The untrained voice of David Sampson isn't bad enough to be grating, but not good enough to be memorable.  Heavily-reverbed slide guitars and brushed drums scoot along each song at a tortoise's pace.  The sullen organ at the beginning of "Run Run Run" suggests their biblical moniker isn't the only thing they've appropriated from church.  If you need help sleeping, this session might be a good cure for insomnia, but I wouldn't recommend it while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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