Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #6: Joe Fletcher & Brown Bird

Daytrotter a Day #6: Joe Fletcher & Brown Bird (Released 03.11.13)

"Flat Tire" begins with the jangling of an acoustic guitar.  Soon enough, Joe Fletcher is telling tales of a girl who's a "nightmare in the sack" and her sister that he's spending the night with instead.  With a voice like a young Dr. John, you don't doubt for a second that these stories are true, even if they're not.  "Drunk & Single" is a fun, fiddle-filled stomper dedicated to country stalwart George Jones.  It's the catchiest of the bunch, and would fit right in on a Deer Tick setlist.  Funnily enough, Fletcher is also from Providence and has played with Deer Tick.  "Too Many Doors" is a more serious number.  When Fletcher sings, "The hallway before me has too many doors," he's not talking about feng shui.  It's about life, and how no matter which option you choose, sometimes it chooses you.  Thankfully this session chose me.  I'll be downloading this one.

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