Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #19: Nakia

Daytrotter a Day #19: Nakia (Released 08.23.12)

Nakia begins his session with "Dream Big," a personal account of his trials and tribulations as a musician, coupled with a positive message: While things don't always go perfectly, if you believe in yourself and your goals, you'll make it.  I just googled him, and it turns out he was on the first season of The Voice, so maybe take his advice.  For "Don't Bring Me Down," he reimagines the ELO classic as a blues vamp, and it works nicely.  He takes us on another personal journey on the Muscle Shoals-inspired "Tight," though this time the focus is on women.  While things aren't going as well for him in that department, at least he knows what he wants.  And with pipes like his, he should be able to snag a lady soon enough.  Just listen to him growl on the rollicking "California Gold" or "M.C.," where the guitar gets cranked up to that muddy, balls-out Black Keys level.  Clicking download now.

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