Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #14: Bear's Den

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Daytrotter a Day #14: Bear's Den (Released 03.21.13)

Iron & Wine & Mumford & Sons.  That's what I think when I hear "Isaac."  The soft vocals increase in intensity when combined with two more voices, and there's banjo.  "Agape" is bigger and louder.  It's the drums that do it.  It's the kind of song you'd hear in an indie British rom-com where the guy is running back to the woman to let her know he fucked up.  "Don't Let the Sun Steal You Away" has a great lyric in its chorus: "Don't let your mind speak louder than your heart."  Because every Mumford & Sons song has that same crescendo-to-everyone-wailing-while-strumming-loudly-on-acoustic-guitar-and-banjo song structure, I've gotten sick of it, so "Pompeii" doesn't really do it for me.  I may download this session, but I don't know how often I'll listen.

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