Monday, April 29, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #25: Incan Abraham

Daytrotter a Day #25: Incan Abraham (Released 04.23.13)

When "Paper Army" began with an off-putting falsetto (Can we start calling falsetto voices we don't like false-etto?), I was skeptical of Incan Abraham.  The rim-heavy tribal drumbeat also reminded me a lot of Local Natives.  The next track, "Tuolumne," faired better, coaxed along by a farty keyboard sound until shimmery keys came in at the bridge to clear the air before the big finale.  The vocals improve greatly on "Springhouse," where they sing with an assuredness not found on the other tracks.  If you were disappointed in Local Natives' electronic shift for Hummingbird, this seems like the median between it and Gorilla Manor.

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