Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #3: The Lonely H

I dipped back into the archives for today's session.  Remember, if you don't have Daytrotter, you can buy an annual membership here and get a free vinyl.  If Daytrotter were the iTunes store, you'd have to pay thousands of dollars for all the songs you could download.  But it's only $24.

Daytrotter a Day #3: The Lonely H (Released 11.06.08)

"Don't you dare think you're special," warns Mark Fredson's mother in "Mother's Only Son."  And while this Port Angeles, WA quintet can make some solid rock music, his mom was right; they're not exactly special.  "Out West" is a little like Jack White fronting Lynyrd Skynyrd, but not on the same level as either.  The guitar riff in "Oh My!" is so close to "Cat Scratch Fever" that you'd rather hear them tackle the Nugent classic, speckling the song with Fredson's piano.  "Phoenix" is the best of the set, sounding like a Sticky Fingers outtake, but again, not original.  I suppose it's working for them though, as they managed to snag the Stones' saxophonist Bobby Keys to record on their upcoming album.  Good for them, but I'd rather listen to Mick and the boys, as would anyone.

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