Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #13: One Hundred Flowers

Sorry for the delay, but as you know, live music takes preference on this blog.  Number 14 is on its way after the Galactic/Toots review is posted.  Sign up.

Daytrotter a Day #13: One Hundred Flowers (Released 02.23.12)

"Rat Trap" begins with an organ.  A distant female vocal creeps in, getting louder as each new layer arrives.  When frontman Harrison Speck starts singing, you kind of wish he wouldn't.  His voice isn't awful, but you wish it was better.  Then the crunchy guitar comes in.  A synthesizer shows up and dances around.  By the end of the song, there's electric piano, and you almost excuse Speck's voice.  This is fun indie pop.  "Two Ideals" is a little, psychedelic rollercoaster for the first 1:30, after which it floats along on a synth line.  "Shadow Show" is so straightforward that it's a tad anticlimactic after the twists and turns of the previous ditties.  I'm not entirely sold yet (mainly due to Speck's vox), but I'd check out the album.

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