Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #10: Buster Blue

Daytrotter a Day #10: Buster Blue (Released 04.10.13)

Buster Blue is a five-piece folk outfit from Reno, Nevada.  When the ambling guitar starts "What Ifs & Whys," you might roll your eyes and think to yourself, "Great, another folk band."  Twenty seconds later, an accordion creeps in to keep you listening.  A minute after that, just when you think you've got them all figured out... a clarinet.  This isn't your your average Americana-revival band out to ride the trend and make a quick buck.  These are real musicians brought up in our country's music education program.  "On Your Way" is a ballad accented with barroom piano, and "When the Crows Come 'Round" builds and releases on a path similar to a Decemberists song.  The banjo-driven "Moonlighting" is my favorite tune of the four, featuring whistling, gorgeous harmonies, and even a bit of mouth harp.  It's the perfect kind of music for the weather we're having today.

James Yuill also released a session today.  Sign up to download.

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