Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #7: Lord Buffalo

I was traveling today, so I have to admit the main reason this session was picked was for its brevity.  Anyway, sign up.

Daytrotter a Day #7: Lord Buffalo (Released 05.16.12)

There's only one track in Lord Buffalo's session.  It's a two-part song called "Sycamore" that sounds like it's about a house.  The music suggests the house is haunted, but I'm not sure why once you go inside there are "mice slicing up celery" or "cephalopods reading your diary."  Doesn't seem my idea of scary; just silly.  If they're metaphors, they don't work.  It's not horrible, nor great, but it's hard to judge a band on one song.  If they do another session, I'd check it out.

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