Friday, April 12, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #12: Sam Lee

Daytrotter a Day #12: Sam Lee (Released 04.12.13)

Sam Lee has a pretty good voice, but he tries too hard.  I'm sure he thinks he's hot shit.  That's got to be only reason why he starts his session with an overlong ballad that sounds like a piano bar version of Elton John.  Things improve a little once Lee picks up an acoustic guitar for "Jessie's Song," but when he screams out, "Yahoo!" halfway through, it feels like he's the only one having fun.  "The Broadway" has him doing that Glen Hansard yelling thing, but it seems phony.  I'm sure he'd be great at Denver's dueling pianos place, but not here.

There's a lot of good stuff on Daytrotter too.  In fact, Hollis Brown just turned in their second session today.  Sign up now and get a free Grace Potter vinyl.

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