Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #16: Vox & the Hound

Daytrotter a Day #16: Vox & the Hound (Released 06.28.12)

Looking at the title of the first track, "Mom's Origami," I had to ask, "Why the hell wouldn't you call the song 'Mommy's Origami?'"  Then I pressed play.  What starts innocently enough as midtempo keyboard-driven indie rock explodes into a double-time jam portion halfway through.  They keep up the pace for the remainder, adding in a croaky organ melody.  "Mary Got Married" had me nodding my head to the piano and tapping my feet to the drums.  "Cheap & Out of Place" feels like a Dr. Dog outtake until Daniel Ray rips into a wailing trombone solo before the final section.  I didn't pay as much attention to the lyrics as I normally would, but that's because I was grooving too much.  I'll download and listen again.  And buy their album.  And EP.

I had honestly never even heard of this band before today.  So if you'd like to try your hand at discovering some new music, sign up for Daytrotter now.

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