Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #20: Mostly Bears

Record Store Day took most of my time yesterday, so this one's late.  Stay tuned for today's entry, and sign up for Daytrotter.

Daytrotter a Day #20: Mostly Bears (Released 12.27.08)

When the pounding drums and propulsive bass join the chiming guitar on "The Man," Mostly Bears remind me a little of Minus the Bear, which is proof that you can't judge a band solely based on their ursinality.  It's the best song of the session, with Brian Lopez caterwauling in and out like Thom Yorke.  The majority of "The Stationary Divide" is a build to its final release, but it takes them too long to get there (Stationary is right.).  Lopez sounds a lot like James Petralli of White Denim on "Silhouette Stain," but it's another slow burn to the climax.  "The Digital Divide," on the other hand, is consistently high-energy.  However, Lopez ruins it by screaming most of his lyrics.  This session was released in 2008, so I'd be intrigued to see how they've developed, but a Google search turns up no new music since their debut.

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