Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daytrotter a Day #8: Halloween, Alaska

Sorry this one came after midnight, but I've had a busy day.  If you don't know what Daytrotter is, sign up for a membership.

Daytrotter a Day #8: Halloween, Alaska (Released 08.14.09)

James Diers has a deeper voice than Ben Gibbard, but you won't listen to him singing "Be a Man" and not think of Death Cab for Cutie.  And you can't just write Halloween, Alaska off as a Death Cab clone because "Knights of Columbus" has enough synths to be a Postal Service song.  So more of an any Ben Gibbard project clone.  It's the rests in between words that do it.  "A New Stain" was my favorite of the tracks, but yeah, no reason to listen if you already know Death Cab.

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