Saturday, February 23, 2013

Broken Anchor Close Out Northeast Tour at Folk Museum

Broken Anchor finished their Northeast tour Friday with a stop at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City.  Set against the backdrop of portraiture by William Matthew Prior, the duo performed seven of their original tunes acoustically.  They began with "Leave the Light On," with Mike Duffy banging out the beat on cajon and jingling the bells strapped to his ankle.  Austin Hartley-Leonard used a vocal effect on parts of the song, but quickly realized that he could utilize the natural echo of the space in his favor, and abandoned the pedal by song two.  The highlight of the set was a slowed-down "Never Leave Me Alone," which Austin performed solo, his voice reverberating wonderfully in the the open gallery.

A word of advice to artists performing at the American Folk Art Museum: Be prepared to verbally spar with the curator of the show, who will constantly try to turn the program into an improv comedy act.  Two songs into the set, she started asking where people could buy the band's music.  Austin, having forgotten to bring those hand-stamped CDs he mentioned last week at Rockwood, suggested that audience members sign up for the mailing list, give a donation, and he'd send them a CD by mail "just like you used to with Woody Guthrie."  The host pried, "How much does it cost to sign up for your mailing list?"  "Let's barter.  Folk-style.  Wampum accepted," Austin countered.  Before final song "Ohio," he thanked the crowd and the museum: "What an amazing environment. Very academic. I'm not smart enough to be here."  "There's pictures of naked girls over there," the host offered, pointing to the Women's Studies exhibit.  "That's where I'll be," quipped Austin.  The band is heading back to the other coast, but let's hope they drop anchor here again sometime soon.

BROKEN ANCHOR - 02.22.13 - AMERICAN FOLK ART MUSEUM (29 minutes, 28 seconds)

Leave the Light On / Broken Anchor Blues / Ghosts / Stencil Heart / Dear Diary / Never Leave Me Alone / Ohio

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