Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grace Potter Covers the White Stripes to Incite a Riot in Baltimore

While I was watching Fun light up Radio City, I got a text from my brother: "I love her."  The object of his affection?  Grace Potter, who rocked Baltimore's Rams Head Live last night with her band, the Nocturnals.

Dressed in all black with a plunging neckline, the sexy ball of energy that is Grace Potter rocketed into "The Lion the Beast the Beat" to begin the show.  The setlist proceeded in a similar order to a lot of recent GPN shows, with "Ah Mary," "Goodbye Kiss," and "Never Go Back" following.  But it wasn't until Potter announced that it was an "all request set," that things really took off.  After an acoustic "Big White Gate," Grace and the Nocturnals began an a cappella rendition of "Hit the Road Jack" that served as the unifying theme for a "Loneliest Soul" medley.  Even when the song took a trip to "Funky Town," it found its way back to "Hit the Road Jack."  A high-energy tour de force of "Stop the Bus," both parts of "Nothing But the Water," and "Medicine" wrapped things up.

In case you hadn't heard, Baltimoreans were the first to adopt "Seven Nation Army" as a crowd chant as a way to applaud the Ravens: "Ohhh-O-O-O-O-Ohhhh-O!"  While it has now evolved into a worldwide sporting phenomenon, specifically at soccer matches, the cheer has permeated Maryland culture to the point where it has become an acceptable encore chant at non-Jack White concerts.  The audience "ohh-o-ohh"ed until Potter cartwheeled back onto the stage.  And then they played it.  In case you hadn't heard, the Baltimore Ravens are playing in the Super Bowl today, so the crowd went completely apeshit.

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The Lion the Beast the Beat / Ah Mary / Goodbye Kiss / Never Go Back / 2:22 / The Divide / Tiny Light / Stars / Big White Gate / Hit the Road Jack > Loneliest Soul > Hit the Road Jack > Funky Town > Hit the Road Jack > Loneliest Soul / Keepsake / Runaway / Stop the Bus > Nothing But the Water (I) > Nothing But the Water (II) > Medicine

Turntable / Seven Nation Army / Paris (Ooh La La)

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  1. Tried to post this earlier but not sure it went through. I believe the song missing from the set is Stars, and the first encore song was Turntable. I was there and it was an amazing show!